Fathers, Husbands & Divorce

Law firms representing fathers and husbands in a divorce

There is a need for representation of men during certain divorce circumstances. There are often certain challenges in representing fathers and husbands in our Florida courts that are not present for wives and mothers.

Fortunately, the way courts handle divorce and child custody matters are changing. There are caps on spousal support in certain jurisdictions that have not always existed. And though certain judges remain reluctant to do this, women are more frequently being required to pay child support and alimony than occurred twenty or thirty years ago.

One concern for any client being represented in a divorce is the cost of hiring an attorney. This is especially true for men that feel some attorneys will charge the male spouse more than the female spouse.

Though such concerns are often understandable, many family law practitioners will cater to the needs of the client and provide alternatives that will reduce such costs. Also, experienced family law attorneys will often advise clients about means of saving money while going through the process of divorce that not every attorney will understand.

While many lawyers advertise that the law firms which they represent will fight for father’s rights, the practice of family law should strictly be about representation of the individual client. It is true that the ex-husband or father is often perceived as the underdog in divorce or child custody circumstances, but the goal is for a divorce to be fair and equitable, and for a child custody matter be decided in what is the best interest of the child.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Lawyers Carve Out ‘Divorce for Men’ Niche,” by Jennifer Smith, July 23, 2012

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